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I demand the finest materials and components to craft our world class range of motor yachts. Taylor Marine Exhaust has met our need for effective and high quality exhaust systems. Carl's experience as a boatbuilder brings knowledge and insight into our requirements that has been invaluable.
Mark Richards
Managing Director, Palm Beach Motor Yachts


We installed a Taylor water lift muffler in Myra, and we've clocked up around 12,000 hours since. It has outperformed and outlasted my previous mufflers. Reliable vessels are essential in my business and this Taylor muffler has certainly delivered.
Peter Verrills
Managing Director, Palm Beach Ferry Service


Since we installed our Taylor inline silencers, we're getting so much more enjoyment out of our boating. Engine noise has been reduced dramatically without sacrificing the Chevy's performance. I look forward to recommending your mufflers to other enthusiasts.
George Wood (Owner)
Classic 22' wooden speed boat


We replaced our rusted out dry exhaust muffler in the Ballina with a custom made Taylor water lift. The difference in performance was significant. Our back pressure problems were solved immediately and noise has been minismised. Previous problems with excessive heat in the engine room have been eliminated. The Ballina works eight hours a day, and we were in desperate need of a reliable system.
Robert Sexton
Manager, Pittwater Mooring Services